Wednesday, January 6, 2010

CommuNey #1

For those that know me, I can't stand idiotic drivers! I'm not claiming I'm the best driver in the world, but I would like to claim I pay attention to the road more than most. I especially can't stand drivers who are old people that seriously need to be tested at least once a month to renew their drivers license!

So I have another incident to add to why I can't stand old people drivers. I ALMOST got in my worst accident yet. I was heading home, hopping onto the on-ramp to the 405S from the 10W and all of the sudden this black Acura TL from 2 lanes to my left came over and almost drove me INTO THE WALL!!! When I caught up to the idiot, the driver was an older Asian man and the passenger looked like his granddaughter.

And another thing. I hate the fact that drivers with large vehicles bully me by cutting me off just because I drive a Fit. Bastards! Seriously...why do some drivers think they're impervious to accidents?!!! For all these idiotic drivers they deserve a

On a good note, I saw a fellow Bruin alumnus with a sticker that looks something like this

Sorry....I don't have PhotoShop skills. It's not a "hands-on" craft!

Okay...back to ranting. I usually don't watch or read the news because most of it is "bad news." But I watched a little news today after I got home from work and heard/saw this dumbest human procreator in the world! She is truly "THE" dumbest person ever! I despise her so because she's such an insult to sane mothers who cannot birth children of their own and she's such a disgrace to my aspiring profession! Did you all know she is/was attending Cal State, Fullerton for grad school in counseling? Yes, I said "counseling." Whaaaa?!!!! OCTOMOM = DISGRACEFUL INSULT Those poor kids! What will happen to them and what will they think of their birth mother?! was reported that "the Happiest Place on Earth" is going to raise their entrance fees!!! I love Disneyland, but they make it almost impossible to want to return. Like they don't make enough money as it is! =(

Okay...I seriously need to go to sleep so I can wake-up to go to work in a few hours. Today is "hump" day.....

Unfriendly Monster look what you've gotten me into! Haha!


Linz said...

Yay! Comments enabled!

1. Bad drivers are very frustrating. They can really ruin the day. :(

2. Your Photoshop skills are much better than what mine were before I started my class! You're already on your way, Lauren! Yeehaw!

3. I avoid any news about Octomom. I already have high blood pressure. I don't need it to escalate and result in a Total Recall-ish eye bulging phenomenon.

4. Yeeeeeeeeeah, easy to get hooked on this blogging thing, innit? Muwahahahaaaaa *twirls evil mustache*

Crafty Hands said...

hey unFRIENDLY monster...does that (re: #2 comment) mean you can actually see the 2 pictures i posted w/in this post?! dude cuz we can't see them here, i.e. Pit of Despair. i can see it in my preview edit. weird?

man...i wish i could avoid news about that disgrace! but it seems like one of those things that makes you cringe by the site of it, but yet you can't stop looking. does that make sense?

this getting hooked thing is like when my s.o. got me into opening an fb account! =|

Crafty Hands said...

unFRIENDLY monster...nvm about seeing the pics i've put in my post....all of the sudden i can see them freakin' weird!

Linz said...

It's cuz I'm magic.

Crafty Hands said...

Okay cool. I'm glad that you can see the pics. I think it's just the security settings that the Computer Tech of the Pit of Despair has set up that won't allow us to see the pics or something cause we can't view videos.

Linz said...

The Guinea Pig??? Bahahaa! In Peru, they eat his kind.

Crafty Hands said...

Guinea Pig?! 0_o Ahahaha!!! I had to ask Tart Brainiac what that meant. LMAO!

Linz said...

:D Hope GP's doing well.

Heya, did ya notice Andy wrote a comment on your first blog? I hope ya return the courtesy and visit his blog! He's a great artist. :)

Crafty Hands said...

Yes Ma'am. I'm ontop of it! ;) And yes, I already returned the courtesy.

Linz said...

Hehehe. Sorry, don't mean to be "all up in yo' grill". I just love the idea of a blog community. So fun.

By the way, the security word verification for this comment is "Poothsid." Why does that sound unsanitary to me?

Crafty Hands said...

S'all good!

If you rearrange the letters of "poothsid" you get "poo'd shit!" So it's double defecation!

Today I mentioned to Octo-Killer and Tart Brainiac that my geometry teacher told us that, "whatever you smell you eat because the little particles you're smelling you're also eating!"
Octo-Killer's response was, "so that's how you know what $hi+ tastes like!" X_x

Linz said...

EEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I *knew* I was paranoid about the 3 ps (poo poo particle) for a reason!!!!

Linz said...

Where's your update, woman?

Crafty Hands said...

It's updated now, unFRIENDLY monster. Please don't eat me!!!