Friday, January 8, 2010

resurrection...part 1

This was a charcoal piece of a 3-piece series that I did in '99 for my Intro to Drawing final project.

This was a Halloween costume I made all from felt back in '04. I did this to represent "BEEGEES" aka the billing department at work.


Linz said...

bahahaha @ calculator costume! that was hilarious!

wow, your final project is so good. i don't think i could do something like that after just an Intro class. i never knew you had such awesome drawing talent! you never drew before! i look fwd to seeing more!

Nettie said...

The talent is ridONKuloUs! <-- Ooh! Check out my KewL AzIaN skillz... (It took me 7 minutes to type that.)

I gotta remind everyone that she cut EVERYTHING out for that calculator costume by hand, i.e. Crafty Hands. See how perfect the numbers are?! See how 5,336,338 spells out "BeeGees" in old-skool pager language???

31110531772, Crafty!

Crafty Hands said...

LMAO!!! Sweet "Kewl Azn skillz" Tart Brainiac!

I did it backwards purposely cuz it's like that trick you do on the calculator that you end up spelling "BOOBS" but you have to turn the calculator upside down to read it.

But I totally understood what your pager code was trying to say! Thanks, yo! ;)

P.S. I think your letters got mixed up a bit...I know it's the dyslexia. This is what it says when you uncode it EWOSEMA. Were you trying to do it backwards? 31770531112