Tuesday, January 5, 2010

to start off...

This is in dedication to and a shout-out to Octo-Killer, Unfriendly Monster, and Tart Brainiac for the inspiration and the peer pressure to start my own blog.

Basically, I love dabbling into artsy crafts! I've dabbled into art crafts of all sorts...
drawing & painting
sewing & crocheting/knitting & hand embroidering
clay sculpting
and the most recent...cake decorating.

It all started when I was young. When I was in pre-school (approx. 2 or 3-years-old) my mother saved this drawing I did and put it in my photo album. ***picture soon to come...I need to make a trip to my parents' to get it*** When I post it, I'd like you to comment on what you think the picture is of. =)

In the second grade, I dreamt of what I wanted to be "when I grew up" like most little kids do. I said, "I want to be an artist." Skip ahead a few decades down the road and....well okay so I didn't become an artist because; well I just felt I wasn't good enough to compete.

My senior year of high school, I took a ceramics class. It was the best class I ever took in high school! It was so MUCH fun, a bunch of my friends were my classmates, AND it was my last period of the day! The teacher would amuse us, especially the guys, with technique terms such as "humping" and "scoring." The last few days of the class, our teacher played "Ghost" for us to watch. I was never very good at the potter's wheel because I have small hands. BUT I CAN SCULPT!
***If I can find the stuff I made from that class, I will post pictures.***

I started my college career not knowing what I wanted to major in, so my mother tried to help me out to see if I wanted to major in graphic design. One of the classes I took in my first year of college was "Intro to Drawing," or something like that. That class was 18 WEEKS of still life sketching/drawing. BORRRRING! 18 "weeks" felt like 18 "months!" Nevertheless I did discover that my favorite medias to use when it came to drawing are charcoal and pastels; no matter how messy they are. Well, that was short lived because I felt my fellow classmates were so much better than me and they had aspirations to transfer to Pasadena Art Center. Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park went there...speaking of which LP is playing on the radio right now! Haha...what a co-wink-a-dink!

When I would pick out my classes for each semester, I looked into possibly taking a ceramics or sculpting class. That never happened either. =| But I pursued making ceramic figurines as a hobby. I remember that year I made a 5" tall Squirtle figurine for this guy I was dating at the time because his favorite Pokemon character was Squirtle. My favorite was Charmander and my favorite episode (of the few I did watch) was when the Pokemon were stuck on an island without any humans and they actually provided subtitles when the Pokemon would talk to each other. I thought that was hilarious! Anyway...here's a picture that I used to reference my figurine from Squirtle. I wish I had taken a picture of it before I gave it to my ex because now it's gone just like him. I ONLY care that I don't have at least a picture of it.

I will end my first posting here since I don't want to keep mentioning things I've made/created without providing visual aides. I just wanted to get a little sumthin' sumthin' posted so I can stop being harrassed by the Unfriendly Monster that will Eat Me!


Linz said...

You missed being eaten by a smidge, Crafty! Glad to see that (1) your blog is *finally* up, and (2) you've written an awesome intro!

I look forward to seeing your work, chica! Take lots and lots o' pics!

moombaduo- Andy Wong said...

Hello Jill:D
Welcome to the world of blogging, I found your blog through the blog of your friend Linz.
Good luck with the blog and hope to see your work soon ^-^
All the best!